Day in the Life…

…of a modern programmer. So what does the typical day of a programmer look like? Well, it’s probably exactly what you would think/imagine. Aside from the basics of waking up and hopping out of bed, we do things a little differently.

Most of us work the basic 9-5 with mandatory meetings, collaborations, and tasks that we receive from our managers. If we don’t see anything new or unusual then we tend to get into our weekly/daily checks. Checking e-mails and the internet.

Checking for bugs. Not the little insects that exist in real life, but the virtual bugs. Sometimes I review other people’s coding bugs and we try to help find a fix. Mostly, it is checking that the things we did in the past are still working well.

Then I mostly spend the rest of the day writing code and programming. Checking incoming tasks from my boss or collegeus. Then I go home. I don’t use my computer for recreation that much anymore. I mostly take my dog on a long walk outdoors in nature.

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